Re-connect your child to nature.

unique farm and forest experiences in Springbank, Alberta

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Re-connect your child to the land with farm and forest experiences from Paramount Academy. Our close-to-home but far-from-ordinary outdoor adventures for your 5-10 year old child foster an appreciation for the land we share and the plants and creatures
we share it with.

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Why Paramount?


Our earth is struggling and needs the love of our next generations to save it from destruction. Yet, over 80% of children in the upcoming generations spend less than 2 hours per week outdoors in exploration. More than ever, it is up to us to bring our children to nature; to give them a sense of wonder and appreciation for all it has to offer. When we give our children the chance to engage with the natural world, we build caregivers for our future. Our weekly summer camps are a great place to introduce your children to the Paramount experience!


Immerse your child in farm and forest life

Paramount students learn about local wildlife, study animal tracks, and discover more about Alberta's plants. Children work as a team to blaze trails, build shelters, and explore the forest. Whether a Saturday camper or enjoying week-long experiences over the summer, your children will enjoy hands-on outdoor experiences growing plants, working with animals like chickens, and participating actively in care for the land. We're not just a forest school... we are a true outdoor education experience for our young nature enthusiasts! Download our Parent Handbook to learn more about our approach to forest camps.

Please note, our camps and offerings are non-licensed experiences and are not eligible for Childcare Subsidy or Grant programs at this time.

Outdoor experiences for independent children ages 5+

Paramount camps are offered on in age-appropriate cohorts for children from 5 - 10+. Choose from half or full-day options. There are up to 10 children with one or two instructors per group.  Campers must be able to toilet independently and carry / manage their own belongings with little assistance to participate in our programs. Due to our unfenced outdoor wilderness environment, children must be able to work effectively within a group and be able to follow adult instruction. Download our Parent Handbook to learn more about our philosophy and approach.

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Explorers: 5 - 6 year olds

Explorers are new to outdoor adventure but are eager and independent learners who show the readiness to be part of a group away from home. Children in Explorers should be ready to be outdoors in all types of weather. This age group focuses on building physical and mental stamina through hikes in the woods, climbing and free building activities, and basic outdoor

knowledge. This group will also enjoy crafts based on nature materials as well as time getting to know the animals, and playing wilderness group games. Explore our Saturday camps or week-long summer experiences!


Adventurers: 7 - 9 year olds

Adventurers are eager explorers who are ready to tackle challenges independently in a natural environment. Children may participate in building shelters, doing pond studies, learning about care and keeping of farm animals, track and observe wild animals, and help to grow and care for plants and vegetables. Adventurers will begin to work with basic tools with support

to pursue their explorations and activities. This group will enjoy more advanced outdoor crafts / nature loose parts and skill-building challenge games. Explore our Saturday camps or week-long summer experiences!


Trekkers: 9-10+ year olds

Trekkers are accomplished outdoor children who are ready for the challenge of being fully involved in farm and forest experiences. Children will work with basic tools, cook outdoors, actively participate in creating their own learning, build fires to warm themselves, track and learn more about wild animals, study birds, and be responsible for engaging in their learning.

Adventurers help to garden in the summer, build snow forts in the winter, and construct windbreaks from wood. Trekkers learn more about environmental stewardship, leave no trace principles, and backcountry camping. Explore our Saturday camps or week-long summer experiences!

What will your child experience?